How to build your first site on WordPress

#1. Signing up with WordPress

You need to get an account before you can anything on WordPress. Due to this, you need to sign up with your full details then log in your details to access WordPress and enjoy the services. Get familiar with the dashboard to ensure that every step you would making will be the perfect one to avoid mistakes. There are examples that one can check before creating a website or a blog because as a beginner, you don’t know anything so it’s good to get inspiration of themes, pages and outline so that you follow.

#2. Map your own site

Get the perfect structure and excellent navigation tools that are easy to find and use. Many new beginners do not know what to real do and they make some funny sites that do not make sense at all. If you have the best website. Arrange you’re Home, About, Contact and other pages properly so that people would easily navigate through and find the full details. The difference between a blog and website should also be known to avoid creating something that would not be of benefit to the users.

#3. Make sure you know how to differentiate between posts and pages

These are two different things that need to be well differentiated for people to have the best sites on WordPress. Without this, it becomes difficult because the visitors would not be getting the perfect information that they intend to. Pages normally hold something static that if it is published it remains at its kept place. But for posts, they are always submerged as new ones are being posted to the site.