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The 4 biggest sources of traffic for your website

The 4 biggest sources of traffic for your website:

#1. Referrals


This is where people refer each other to visit the website. It is a good way to obtain maximum traffic because many people are able to look at your website directly through clicking the link that has been sent to them by their friends.

Many people use the pay per click program because it is a good source of revenue apart from the page views themselves.

People who want referral traffic need to convince people through giving them a commission on every referral that they make or otherwise it would not be productively.

#2. Social media


Many websites are linked to social media accounts. When people comment on social forums or like the things that the website owner has posted, it becomes redirected to the website thus being counted as traffic.

It is widely used but people need to be careful because this is a major security threat to the website since some people are cyber thieves. You can have Facebook pages, Google plus or even chat rooms where people could get the website links directly.

This is the best way to ensure that you have maximum traffic and visibility because people want to find more about your website.

#3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a form of internet marketing that involves following certain search engine guidelines to have your website properly optimized and promoted to show up higher in the search engine for relevant search terms.  This is done through proper content optimization of a websites pages through relevant copy writing and also through gaining relevant links from other websites in your industry or elsewhere around the web.  These links count as trust votes for your website to show Google that it is important or newsworthy and should be shown in their search results above less relevant terms.  There are things your webmaster can do to help your website be more optimized for search but we also recommend seeking out a qualified internet marketing agency, such as to help with this.

#4. Email and content marketing


A website is determined by the quality of its content.

If the content is perfectly written and people see it somewhere, they visit the website itself which increases the number of traffic in general.

To ensure that you have the best content, you need to find gurus that create appealing content to the website. Email marketing on the other hand is meant to carry all the contents of the websites to the individual emails of the subscribers. Email marketing always productive if bulk email sending is done.