How Banking Has Changed Over The Last 30 Years

What are a Few Ways Banking Has Changed Over The Last 30 Years?

In the past, the main priorities of a bank were to give their customers a place to keep their money so that it was safe, it was used for making payments, it was a place where you could receive loans, and it was somewhere to go for investments. For those that used Banks 30 years ago, it is likely you can remember waiting in line at the Banks drive-thru on Friday to deposit your check. Many people who didn’t use a bank 30 years ago can’t even conceive doing such a thing. Now many businesses have ATM machines present and often purchase wholesale ATMs from a large wholesaler like Puloon USA.

On the surface, it may appear that not much has changed but that wouldn’t be even remotely correct. In the past, physical money was the primary commodity of a bank. It used this commodity by protecting it for its customers and by taking a percentage of the money that it was protecting and loaning it out to those who wanted to borrow money. But today it’s more about digits then it is about actual cash. This has allowed a number of online banking systems to spring up that have no need for traditional Banks and branches.

Some of the new online banks offer only savings accounts and CDs and everything is done online or on a mobile device. Paper money is slowly becoming a thing of the past and the future generations will likely look back at it in the same way many of us look at old rotary phones now. In the past, the keeping and protecting of paper money and coins required large formidable vaults whereas now, most money is simply kept in secure digital storage spaces.

30 years ago if you wanted to give someone money you would usually have to either give them cash or write them a check. They would then have to take that check and go to the bank and cash it. Now you can often transfer funds from one account to another right from your mobile phone. There are apps that are being developed that will allow someone to send another person cash straight through a text message. 30 years ago this would have been fantasy and pure fiction.

There is some talk now that companies like Google and Facebook and maybe even Amazon will get into the banking business by entering into services that allow customers to easily make payments through those platforms. It is believed that this will catch on quickly as people find how convenient it is to be able to transfer money from one place to another by a mobile device.

Home Siding Pros and Cons

When you own a home, you want it to look it’s best. You want the structure to be protected, and you want the resale value of the home to be on the rise. There are of course many things you can do to help make this happen. Some changes are smaller, and some of the upgrades you can make are quite large. Have you considered whether or not your home could use new siding? Siding covers much of a home’s exterior, and you can imagine that affects your homes resale value and the overall look of your residence. It’s important to find a qualified contractor to help you make this choice because choosing the right siding company that has a wide array of experience will get you the best feedback. For Oregon residents we recommend

There are tons of cost efficient options these days when it comes to siding. The great thing about them are they are some of the best solutions out there when it comes to durability and improving the look of a home. Just think about the vinyl siding products and their variations that have been coming out over the years and have been really popular.

What type of home siding is best for you?

What type of siding are you looking at putting on your home? If you haven’t looked at all of your options yet, you really need to compare features and pricing. You might have a certain number in your head, and you could actually be pleasantly surprised. What if you were given a quote that was much less than what you thought you would have to spend?

Moreover, what if the siding made your home more energy efficient, and you started saving money monthly? What if the amount you spend is nothing compared to how it affects the value of your home moving forward? It’s one of those cost efficient upgrades that makes sense to many homeowners. Of course, if you go for brick siding or something similar, that may look nice, but your upgrade might be a bit lopsided when you look at the bigger financial picture.

You also have to think about your future plans. Sure, you can’t tell the future, but is this a home you plan on staying in for the rest of your life? Even if it is, you have to remember that some of the more cost efficient siding options are some of the most durable as mentioned. Think about what fits your home in particular, too. You might find out that one of the most popular siding options doesn’t quite fit, but there is a solution out there for you.

Think about maintenance when you choose siding as well. You want siding on your home that doesn’t require tons of maintenance. It will not only save your the trouble, but it will save you money. Plus, it will keep your home looking great. My friends recently took a look at their siding and realized that mold and mildew was starting to accumulate once again. They have already pressure washed the siding recently, so it’s time to paint.

Are you in a similar position? They aren’t going to change their siding because they have a way out, but do you? Perhaps it’s time to make a change. Maybe you need cost efficient siding that ups the resale value of your home and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance.

We hope this brief article helps you when it’s time to make a home siding decision.

The 4 biggest sources of traffic for your website

The 4 biggest sources of traffic for your website:

#1. Referrals


This is where people refer each other to visit the website. It is a good way to obtain maximum traffic because many people are able to look at your website directly through clicking the link that has been sent to them by their friends.

Many people use the pay per click program because it is a good source of revenue apart from the page views themselves.

People who want referral traffic need to convince people through giving them a commission on every referral that they make or otherwise it would not be productively.

#2. Social media


Many websites are linked to social media accounts. When people comment on social forums or like the things that the website owner has posted, it becomes redirected to the website thus being counted as traffic.

It is widely used but people need to be careful because this is a major security threat to the website since some people are cyber thieves. You can have Facebook pages, Google plus or even chat rooms where people could get the website links directly.

This is the best way to ensure that you have maximum traffic and visibility because people want to find more about your website.

#3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a form of internet marketing that involves following certain search engine guidelines to have your website properly optimized and promoted to show up higher in the search engine for relevant search terms.  This is done through proper content optimization of a websites pages through relevant copy writing and also through gaining relevant links from other websites in your industry or elsewhere around the web.  These links count as trust votes for your website to show Google that it is important or newsworthy and should be shown in their search results above less relevant terms.  There are things your webmaster can do to help your website be more optimized for search but we also recommend seeking out a qualified internet marketing agency, such as to help with this.

#4. Email and content marketing


A website is determined by the quality of its content.

If the content is perfectly written and people see it somewhere, they visit the website itself which increases the number of traffic in general.

To ensure that you have the best content, you need to find gurus that create appealing content to the website. Email marketing on the other hand is meant to carry all the contents of the websites to the individual emails of the subscribers. Email marketing always productive if bulk email sending is done.

How to build your first site on WordPress

#1. Signing up with WordPress

You need to get an account before you can anything on WordPress. Due to this, you need to sign up with your full details then log in your details to access WordPress and enjoy the services. Get familiar with the dashboard to ensure that every step you would making will be the perfect one to avoid mistakes. There are examples that one can check before creating a website or a blog because as a beginner, you don’t know anything so it’s good to get inspiration of themes, pages and outline so that you follow.

#2. Map your own site

Get the perfect structure and excellent navigation tools that are easy to find and use. Many new beginners do not know what to real do and they make some funny sites that do not make sense at all. If you have the best website. Arrange you’re Home, About, Contact and other pages properly so that people would easily navigate through and find the full details. The difference between a blog and website should also be known to avoid creating something that would not be of benefit to the users.

#3. Make sure you know how to differentiate between posts and pages

These are two different things that need to be well differentiated for people to have the best sites on WordPress. Without this, it becomes difficult because the visitors would not be getting the perfect information that they intend to. Pages normally hold something static that if it is published it remains at its kept place. But for posts, they are always submerged as new ones are being posted to the site.

4 things to look for when buying a hosting account

Below are the things that people should normally consider when buying a hosting account.

#1. Data storage

Ask yourself if the account can handle the data that you would like to install in the web. Some have small amount of space which could actually limit your data storage making the website to contain little information than required.

#2. Bandwidth size

This is what makes you and your visitors download or upload. It needs to have enough size because mostly, people visit the pages and as they view, data keeps on being used. If the bandwidth gets finished, that means there is no uploading or downloading so you have to get another one or wait until the next month for you to get the new bandwidth.

#3. Number of domains and Subdomains

Managing multiple domains separately is always confusing and disturbing. Having a single hosting account that can host more than one domain is always the best. Before you buy the hosting account, ensure that you verify from the seller if the account can host more than one domains for easy management. This is the best thing about this.

#4. Check on strength of accessibility

You might find that some hosting companies do not allow other servers to access your domain. This reduces website visibility. You need to be able to open emails from the account and other promotional features. Just ensure that you have the best hosting accounts that can make you change the privacy settings in case you feel like there is a threat. Some do not accept social media integration which reduces traffic to a great percentage, make sure you run away from such because they will keep your website down throughout.